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Angkong Tiam (Ratking) – Gachapon Poster by Knuckles & Notch

$22.00 SGD

Dimension: 22.3 (w) x 25.2 (h) cm | 8.78" x 9.9"
4 colour Risograph
Printed on 170gsm uncoated acid-free paper
Subtle imperfections may vary
Knuckles & Notch (2023)

This poster was designed by Knuckles & Notch to accompany Ratking's Ang Kong Tiam's art objects for our Gachapon capsule project: Let's Play Ball – Art That Fits in Your Palm for Singapore Art Week 2023.

The progression of modernity and the growing visibility of tattooed folk from around the globe dilutes the sense of intimidation present within gang tattoos from old-world Singapore and this project seeks to engage observers with the Gachapon machine, allowing them a chance to dive back into the old world via symbolic representatives of the time it came from, while also instilling nuggets of information to encourage people to learn about the meanings behind these historical motifs

Anthea T/Ratking (b. 1991) is a Singaporean visual and tattoo artist who currently resides in Singapore. Born to two sweet Buddhist parents, her upbringing has highly influenced her school of thought, as free will and the wabi-sabi philosophy are very much ingrained in her life and way of being— in love with the element of ephemerality existing within tattoos, she feels that it resonates with the Buddhist concept of impermanence: the concept of fleeting mortality burdens the soul and tattoos prevail as a personal way of inscribing mortal flesh with nuances that transcend time. Growing up, she used to watch her father paint huge murals and large sheets of paper effortlessly, something she considers to be the root and reason for why she is the individual she is today. She loves the allure of working on something that requires a good degree of hands-on skill and knowledge, which explains the vast range of work she enjoys working with that includes mediums spanning beyond tattooing, to illustrating and sculpting.

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