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Catalogue of Non-definitive Acts by Ng Yin Shian

$66.00 SGD

Dimension: 29.7 (w) x 42.0 (h) cm | 11.7" x 16.5"
6 colour Risograph
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered
Printed on 140gsm uncoated acid-free paper
Subtle imperfections may vary
Knuckles & Notch (2022)

Here is an image I have stolen wholecloth from the pleats of my unconscious mind. Reverse-engineering the tangle of viewpoints, memories, and lost hopes have concluded in several possible truths:

1) I am terrified, mean-spirited, and ill-tempered, ensnared by a tangle of weeds and uncertainty.

2) I have hoarded an inordinate amount of knowledge on nature and art, and have resorted to picking them apart and piecing them together in ways I do not yet understand.

3) All of this happened, more or less.

Ng Yin Shian (Shian for short) is an independent illustrator and designer based in Singapore, known for her intricate and vibrant screenprint poster art. She has produced artwork for multiple international musical acts such as Metallica, Weird Al Yankovic, 311, Failure, and Dave Matthews. Her work has been recognised by Spectrum Fantastic Art, Creative Quarterly, and 3x3.

Exhibition curatorial statement

Having sentience, consciousness, and the capacity to dream is what makes us unique beings.

Essentially, what we experience in our life determines how we perceive our future, create memories, and how we dream. Without our memories, genetics, and history, we cease to exist. It's a life cycle that gives us the ability to evolve as humans and as living creatures. Even the way we dream, or even daydream, is part of what makes us who we are.

This print exhibition features the interpretations of dreams by 14 (local and international) visual artists, elaborating on their own dreams to create dream manifestations that become reality. These dreams run deep and wild in the artists' subconscious minds, influencing their art and shaping them into unique artists with distinct visions and styles. The unseen and intangible things that they’ve experienced externally and in their minds become the visuals they create outside reality, giving birth to art once unimaginable.

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