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Jammin' Jamboree (Bungle Jym) – Gachapon Poster by Knuckles & Notch

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Dimension: 22.3 (w) x 25.2 (h) cm | 8.78" x 9.9"
4 colour Risograph
Printed on 170gsm uncoated acid-free paper
Subtle imperfections may vary
Knuckles & Notch (2023)

This poster was designed by Knuckles & Notch to accompany Bungle Jym's series of plushy art objects for our Gachapon capsule project: Let's Play Ball – Art That Fits in Your Palm for Singapore Art Week 2023.

Bungle Jym began somewhat arbitrarily in the thick of the pandemic after an impulsive dalliance with Shopee sales resulted in the acquisition of a sewing machine. Ghosts of the characters in the Bungle-verse had existed somewhere in the cobwebs of her mind for a long time, entangled in a thousand other motifs and concepts (she’d always associated that bit of her brain with a Jungle Gym, just as tangly and fun, but just a tiny bit more treacherous and nebulous). All it took was a lockdown, old bedsheets, and recycled pillow stuffing to finally bring them to life.

In many ways, the characters in Bungle Jym are simply different versions of Shian talking to herself. These characters are a cathartic way for her to imagine other ways of being. They exist in the realm of the hypothetical and get to react to things in a way she herself might not.

Jammin’ Jamboree is a series of 7 plush characters that come unstuffed and dormant in their capsules. Shian hopes that through the process of jamming stuffing into these skeins, one may imbue their own neuroses and idiosyncrasies (or hopes and dreams) into their very own plush companion.

Bungle Jym is a collective of soft, sentient invertebrates who specialise in handcrafting soft, insentient wares for anyone who will have them. They only somewhat listen to their ringleader Shian, who mostly identifies as an illustrator.

Ng Yin Shian (Shian for short) is an independent illustrator and designer based in Singapore, known for her intricate and vibrant screenprint poster art. She has produced artwork for multiple international music acts such as Metallica, Weird Al Yankovic, 311, Failure, and Dave Matthews. Her work has been recognised by Spectrum Fantastic Art, Creative Quarterly, and 3x3.

Shipped in a hard mailing tube made of craft material (consists of secured plastic end caps to keep goods snugly in place, preventing loss or damage.)

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