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Krome (Teo Chong Wah) – Gachapon Poster by Knuckles & Notch

$22.00 SGD

Dimension: 22.3 (w) x 25.2 (h) cm | 8.78" x 9.9"
3 colour Risograph
Printed on 170gsm uncoated acid-free paper
Subtle imperfections may vary
Knuckles & Notch (2023)

As part of Singapore Art Week 2023, Knuckles & Notch collaborated with Chong Wah (Krome) on this poster to accompany Krome's series of ceramic art objects for our Gachapon capsule project: Let's Play Ball - Art That Fits in Your Palm.

"I have always been finding ways to express the ideas in my head. The desire to constantly put out work, the ability to create something, the control that comes
with it sometimes feels like an act of god. But in most cases, it is to just to humour myself. My approach as an artist, is an observation of the things I have experienced from birth to present day, conveyed through different mediums of work. It is a constant work in progress that sees no end." - Chong Wah

The idea for 'Krome' began as a creative outlet for Chong Wah to utilize from his 9-to-5 job in the design industry. It's a way for him to explore forms, characters, and mediums.

For this series of miniature works, using ceramics as his medium, he is able to invade home-like settings, whilst having his artist moniker 'Krome' appear everywhere.

Shipped in a hard mailing tube made of craft material (consists of secured plastic end caps to keep goods snugly in place, preventing loss or damage.)

Registered mail with tracking number.

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