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Simple Love by Barbarian Flower for Asian Film Archive – Retrospective: Wong Kar Wai

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Dimension: 42.0 (h) x 29.7 (w) cm
4 colour Risograph print
Editions of 60
Signed and Numbered
Printed on 220gsm Maple Bright paper (Acid-free, FSC® certified)
Produced by Knuckles & Notch
Subtle imperfections may vary

Simple Love is a reimagination of the several intimate scenes that took place in Yiu-Fa’s room by way of a readaptation of the objects found in the room into a still-life setting. These objects are taken as visual anecdotes of Po-Wing and Yiu-Fa’s romance. As seen in the centre of the still life set, the waterfall lamp is a symbolism of their love and relationship goals: one of which was to visit the waterfall together. The eggs are a representation of domestication, while the liquor and cigarettes are a symbolism of escape. Even with love and passion running so deep within the two protagonists, the work speaks to how things can go awry in a matter of time. The work also hints at the irony of how in fact distance and absence may be what creates fondness and draw people closer together, not unlike in the film where Yiu-Fa ends up moving back to Hong Kong, a place of comfort and familiarity. The work inspires the hope that simpler times of love can be found, even in complicated realities such as with the two characters.

Sze Yan (Barbarian Flower) is a Malaysian illustrator and graphic designer based in Singapore. Inspired by traditional and vintage art forms from Japan and Hong Kong. She is inspired by her surroundings and has incorporated elements of nature such as plants and flowers in her works. Her interest in still life drawing and portraits of humans are evident in her recent works. She has produced works for BollyWood Veggies, Singtel Comcentre, MUTEMUSE (Korea), Vice (Germany) and Kiblind (France).

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