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The Seen by Mary Bernadette Lee


The Seen by Mary Bernadette Lee is an interpretation of John Berger's most influential book – Ways of Seeing.

Nakedness is a lived experience for oneself whereas Nudity, is perceived-nakedness by another. Nudity transforms nakedness into objects (of desire). The interesting question here is, how do men and women see each other?

With that, how do we see what-is-seen? Here, I also explore the relationship between two man-made entities - Word and Image; Is the relationship between both a power struggle or complementary? Looking is an act of choice, and way of seeing is influenced by what you already know and your beliefs. Thus begs the question - How is your manner of perception like?

2 colour Risograph zine
Edition: 40
Size: 10cm x 14cm
Cover + 8pp (comes with a mini badge of Mary's art form)
Printed on Monet paper
Published 2017