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Unguarded Thoughts (A Whispering Campaign x Dalifu Caps) – Gachapon Poster by Knuckles & Notch

$22.00 SGD

Dimension: 22.3 (w) x 25.2 (h) cm | 8.78" x 9.9"
4 colour Risograph
Printed on 170gsm uncoated acid-free paper
Subtle imperfections may vary
Knuckles & Notch (2023)

This poster was designed by Knuckles & Notch to accompany A Whispering Campaign x Dalifu Caps's series of artisan keycaps art objects for our Gachapon capsule project: Let's Play Ball – Art That Fits in Your Palm for Singapore Art Week 2023.

Unguarded Thoughts is a meditation on Kit's (A Whispering Campaign) own thoughts and exploration done through repetition. The first of the series dates back to 2020 as an expression of his relationship with life’s uncertainties and a representation of how he grappled with the weight of things he does, without knowing why he does them (sometimes). There are no grand intent or insights. Each sculpture is his own way of calming the mind after a day at work, manifested through the automatic creation of the bald man, a recurring character he has revisited in different forms and mediums since childhood.

The form of a man balancing objects is a symbol of self and the yearning for control/balance in life. Akin to the primitive act of stone stacking, a practice that transcends cultures, religions, and traditions, each piece shows the bald man as part of the stacking instead of being the stacker. Each object of balance symbolizes an unsolicited crippling thought. The sustenance of the balance thus requires a degree of indolence. Any form of forward (or backward) movement beyond the now requires the breaching of equilibrium; as such we have the absurd situations depicted by each iteration.

The title is a quote from the book, “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski.

Kit established A Whispering Campaign (AWC) in 2014 as a moniker for creative collaborations.

AWC’s body of work in their inception, explores the potentials and possibilities of creative partnership between different disciplines, in their production, explores the relationship between images and the conception of meaning, and in their reception, explores the dependency of creatives and their audiences.

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