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A Visual Dissection of an Epic Trip


4 Colour Risograph Publication
Dimension: 18.8cm x 25.5cm
Printed on Summer Brilliance
Cover + 48pp


We have always wanted to challenge ourselves by creating a narrative graphic publication that is designed with the concept of randomness. It is a topic close to our heart because in our studio, we have experienced many times what seemed to be unrelated events or things that sparks revelations in our works or processes. Psychologists would term these experiences as Apophenia- the universal human tendency to perceive connections and meaning in things that are unrelated. And what is randomness without being spontaneous? Aleatoricism is the creation of art by chance, exploiting the principle of randomness. It is to give up control and being unconstrained by techniques or methods.

Using these two theories, we created a story completely drafted by an online word generator that produces poetry through algorithms and artificial intelligence. We fed the software with Risograph terminology and words that we used regularly in our studio, culminating into a hilarious, absurd and mysterious narrative. We then interpreted it and produced visuals in the form of typography, illustrations and graphics.

For the first time in our studio, we managed to incorporated scanimation, a print effect that works by moving a striped transparent overlay across an interlaced picture, further creating an amalgamation of improbabilities and psychedelic wonder.

We hope you enjoyed the trip, will be as fascinated as we are in our journey of capturing unpredictability.