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An Ode to the Sea and Sky III (series) by Jeanette Adrienne Wee


Type of product: Sake Set (1 sake bottle and 2 cups)
Size: 10.4cm x 9.1cm | 4.09" x 3.58"
Hand moulded and sculpted
Produced in 2018

An Ode to the Sea and Sky

The Sea and Sky have always been themes portrayed in Adrienne's work. This collection is the result of nearly a full year's worth of experimentation and research to create the form, style and glaze from scratch; every set is unique in pattern, shape, colour, texture, and size, because the sights of the sea and sky are never exactly the same to anyone. In some angles, you see splashes of the sea against an icy cliff, on another bottle you see the shift of clouds in the sky, or how the sky transits from day to night. Whatever you might see, the layers on each bottle and cup are complementary and calming to the eye for anyone wanting to share a drink with another.

Artist Bio

Adrienne creates conversations through pottery. Jeanette Adrienne Wee began her journey with ceramics while studying in Japan in 2010, and later did a formal residency in Seto under sensei Kato Hiroshige. She has also completed several courses in Melbourne which include glazing and mould making. Being fluent in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, she began adapting North-asian art forms in her own works through her observations of these different cultures. Now she works at Temasek Potters to further develop her work as an artist.

Ships in a sturdy box.