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Nice Dreams and a Bag of Chips – Art prints series/Calendar 2020


12 Artworks for 12 Months (contains some nudity art)
4-colours Risograph
Dimension of calendar with artwork: 21.0cm × 38.0cm
Dimension of artwork/perforated print prints (each): 21.0cm × 21.0cm
Printed on Maple Bright (acid-free premium), Metaphor Apple, Colourplan paper (acid-free premium)
Pastel green and pink coloured spiral bound with a hook to hang
Published 2019

Designed and produced by Knuckles & Notch.
Illustrations by Djohan Hanapi.
Ships in flat durable cardboard packaging.


‘Nice Dreams and a Bag of Chips’

Our dreams are a bizarre and unpredictable distortion of our waking reality. Djohan found this potent and haphazard interplay between dreams and reality to be a major source of inspiration for our 2020 calendar theme. In it, he captures the concept in a series of artwork sequenced like a silent film, with a story that is open to interpretation, in the most vibrant and tonally resonant of colours – an ambient crossover that breaks down the wall between subconscious truths and their conscious manifestations.

This is a calendar designed to have dual functionality. In the era of sustainability and upcycling, we decided to work on a series of illustrations that users may use as wall art after the year ends and its main purpose as a calendar has been fulfilled.

We spent a great amount of time conceptualising, designing, and printing the calendars in Risograph – a technique that employs stencils to print each layer on an artwork in spot colours. We’ve perforated each calendar artwork by hand, so that you’ll be able to tear them out at the end of each month and have it as an individual art print that you may hang on your wall! This calendar was created using premium acid-free paper and vegetable-based inks.

We hope that our calendars will stand you in good stead and keep you in great company for the new year.